January 2nd, 2014



Bloody Mary--omgosh, their baby, baby *faces*!! And the Rolling Stones...and next up is Skin and oh my. So many dirty, dirty thoughts spawned by that ep. *happysigh*

Yes, I have a day off. Maybe now I can finally catch up with all the great stuff I've been missing.
dean wave

December Meme...kinda sorta. So it's January. Whut?

day221b asks: Dec 18: What first drew you to Smallville, and what was the turning point to make you want to write in the fandom? :D

What drew me to SV? Well, I was reading BtVS mainly, and reading in other fandoms sporadically—BDS, SN, Faculty—and came across some amazing dub-con, angsty RedK stories, searched out other stories and found a place in the Fandom of Pain. I loved it so much I had to try and my first few stories were very short and absolute shit, and then I wrote a longer story, also shit. And then, I threw off the traces and wrote whatever I damn well felt like writing about Clark and Lex and it got better. :D
Those boys—they were fun to write and SV peeps were wonderfully patient and kind. Best fandom ever to newbies, thank you so much, guys! ♥

rosy5000 asks: Dec 21 - How did you get hooked on Clark/Lex/Whitney? *G*

I don't know! It just happened! I loved Clark and Whit together but I didn't want Lex to be left out—Clark/Lex is my otp! And suddenly there it was—the dreaded threesome! Which, wow—is really hard to write! So many…hands. ;)

Anonymous asks: Questions: What got you interested in writing fanfic? What is your favorite Smallville story and why?

I always wanted to write—always. So of course, I learned to draw instead because I was sure I couldn't write--not enough words to tell the stories I wanted to, anyway. A bazillion years later, I found the BtVS fandom, and read all the stories. Which led to wanting to *write* the stories and with the encouragement of tabaqui, my first and dearest friend here on LJ, I tried my hand at it, with varying degrees of success. Good or not, I enjoy writing the stories. No matter how I bitch and complain and cry, they're all my babies.

My fav SV story? There are so many, and I read bazillions and forgot most of them but Shmoop by Caroline Baker (Clark/Whit), which I cannot find for love nor money, and Things I Cannot Change by emeraldsedai, (Firefly/SV x-over) a story that turned my brains inside out, remain my favorites. I've read a lot of stories and loved the hell out of them but these two stick in my swiss cheese memory.

My favorite story I wrote? Firebird and the Gray Wolf, because I loved it, hated it, loved it, hated it and finally decided that I loved it. For many different reasons. ;)

more meme coming! someday soonish. ;)