January 4th, 2014


A gift for me

And I share because I love you.

A while ago, My Beloved Niece, toldthestars, and I were talking about Come The Night, and she started spinning out this idea and before I knew it, this lovely ficlet graced my inbox. And now I've added it to the Come The Night stories on AO3 (and by the way, feel free to play in any of my sandboxes--just let me know!)

Like to see it? Of course you would, my niece is a hell of an amazing writer, much better than auntie by *far*! Enjoy! :)

Music Box by toldthestars

Brain, work with me for once!

Now that I can have a bazillion icons,(thanks again, macaronielbow)I don't know which to choose! Yeah, I know, such problems!

Saturday is spam day. :D

By the by, my finger hurts because I really have to smash the d key. I think I got some cookie crumbs in the keyboard. I'm scarfing up all the cookies and xmas treats because my doctor says I have to watch things. He's not especially thrilled with the results of my bloodwork. So, as an educated, well-informed senior person, I've decided to rid the house of all the bad foods. One bite at a time. Really, I'm all excited to start our new diet of boring-ass good healthy food. I say our because if I have to give up good stuff, so does he.

Maybe I can find an encouraging icon of good food choices. Or Dean's naked hindparts. One has nothing to do with the other, but come on! What would you choose, a salad or...? I mean!