January 6th, 2014

dean wave

my plan

I plan to post this itty-bitty-teensy bit of Men of Letters fic revolving around my boy Sam, and then I'll probably post last year's Sam&DeanOTP fic somewhere, and then--and then--hunh. No and then.

I have some new year's resolutions. I've thought long and hard, and I've exhumed last years, huzzah!

I plan to illustrate a few of my fics. Maybe one-shot drawings, maybe more. I plan to work on PE. Moonshine, anyone? I plan to come up with something for this year's bang. I have three vague ideas, but feel free to pitch me some! I plan to get Clark back out of Krypton's past and in Lex's bed again. Finally. It's been, what a bazillion years? Maybe bring Lucas home for a visit. Plan to finally read the Bangs I missed last year. My over-all plan is to start something and fucking finish it, oy. roxy's LJ, the Land of Floundering Projects.

I plan, in real life, to lose ten pounds. This will net me not much in the way of looks but I'll b able to keep wearing the clothes I have. I have goals, they're just not lofty ones. They are unlofty. One could say low-fty. Or anti-lofty. Auntie Lofty. *koff* Yes.

That's it. For now...(dramatic music)