January 13th, 2014


TRecs: Amnesia Fics.

ETA: and one by me! What the hell, right? (pimp-ocity)

ETA again: Ask me how the hell I forgot A Priori? *headslap*

You know I *adore* amnesia fics. I love them like a portly child loves torte. I'm not sure why...well, there is the angst factor of us knowing and one character knowing but the other skipping along, all unaware and happy as a daisy in May. Or close to it. I've added a list here of some of my very favorites. I probably mentioned some of these before but they're all worth the reread. Trust me on this. After all, if you can't trust a chubby,scaley, big-headed, little-armed pornographer, who can you trust? Ah?

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