January 21st, 2014


Thanks TNT

Every damn time AHBL plays, I swear I'm not going to watch it, and I watch it every damn time and that final scene in part one makes me stop whatever I'm doing and kicks my ass every damn time.

Supanatchul nite!

You know, Dear My Friends, after every ep, Yer Mother writes up her deep thoughts on Show, staggering insights and all, but usually just in her head. And then goes around to different places, reading reactions. On the whole, she says, You're Getting It Wrong. Someday soon, I will actually share my thoughts on what I've been thinking, to steal a clunky phrase(but one that makes me giggle).

Now, ya'll must excuse me, got to make up the snack trays for viewing. What? It takes time--making those tomato roses need concentration, you know.