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The Lord of the Northern Wind by morvith
I grew up liking a particular type of fairy tale, because of my mom. She read us fairy tales from a beautifully illustrated book of Norse fairy tales, so I like tales that take place in ice and snow. Which brings me to this lovely tale, The Lord of the Northern Wind by morvith , a J2 based on a Russian fairy tale. It's beautifully written, and as I commented at the time, it flowed like an old-fashioned fairy tale, while also feeling very modern. I also commented that I saw the story in my head as being illustrated by Kay Nielsen, a long ago, incredibly talented illustrator.

Which brings me also to this. I was inspired by that tale, and going with my NYResolution to try to do a bit more drawing, here's my effort. I had a lot of fun doing this, and I promise, you'll enjoy reading the story!

(ignore weird edges, i'll never get the hang of posting stuff. Or scanning stuff....)

The Lord of the Northen WindCollapse )
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