February 3rd, 2014

jared speak no evil


I had a classic anxiety dream last night, because of the stupid snow I guess. I dreamt I was on a train heading to work, and I looked down and thought--'omgosh, (i think it just like that in my head) I forgot to put on a bra!' That upset me. and then I realized that I'd also forgotten to get dressed. Under my coat I was wearing my nightgown. Not only that, but I was wearing it inside out and backwards. And I hadn't combed my hair, it was all flat on one side and a haystack on the other. I started to cry, and then the train came to a violent stop, and we were all supposed to get off and I didn't want everyone to see me wearing a nightgown. I was just clutching my 1960s style mint-green swingcoat closed (i don't own one) and sobbing like it was the end of the line for me. Which it was in the dream, I couldn't get back on the train. I have the vague impression that people around me knew what was going on and were nice about it. Ack. At least I wasn't naked under the coat.

What's really funny about this dream is that while I haven't worn a nightgown to work, I have showed up with my shirt inside out. And backward. A few times. Once, a coworker called me over and whispered "Your shirt is inside out." all quiet and private-like. Of course, I fell out laughing and she looked at me uncomfortably for a bit before laughing too. Another time, this same coworker pulled me aside and said, "You have a huge splotch of face cream right in the middle of your forehead." I thought that was pretty funny, too. I'm sure by now, this woman is convinced that I'm totally bonkers. You know, there are so may issues that really upset and absolutely paralyze me that stuff like that? It's just too funny. what the hell, right? :D