February 4th, 2014


COMPLAINING and a rec!

I'm sorry, but this using a / to indicate a gen relationship really irritates the hell out of me. I'm a SLASH reader and a SLASH writer and more specifically a WINCEST reader and writer. That's my main interest, and when I click on a story that has Sam/Dean in the headline, I expect some form of slash. I don't necessarily need out and out sex--though that's more than nice, but it pisses me off when it turns out to be a completely, *totally* gen story, or worse, a het story. Nothing wrong with either, just not when I'm expecting guy love. When I want to read gen, I read gen. Much, much more rarely, I'll read het. I just like to know what it is I'm reading.

I know that these folks aren't posting like that intending to misrepresent, I think that they just don't get that there's a difference. We've talked about this a few times here. Is it not the same other fandom places? Is it only LJ anymore that adheres to the slash meaning a M/M relationship?

*throws hat down and flings hands up*

samdean roxy rec by bt_kady

Had to get that off my chest. Okay, I bitched, so let me rec a fucking fabulous GEN story. See? I read them sometimes. Are you wondering where Sam's at, what's going on under that massive forehead? This fic explains it all. It's chilling, heartbreaking, *scary* as fuck and just plain amazing. I really liked it.

Stapled Shut, Inside an Outside World bycaranfindel



It's too early. My week is totally fucked up now. I hope like anything they change it next year to later in the week. Tuesdays *SUCK*--Dean's tag regardless. >:( Also, I'm pissed because I can't remember the story Dean's Tag came from. Being senior sucks too! Man, everything sucks! *POUT*

Which reminds me! BG hated it when I called Tuesday Dean's Tag (Dienstag). But she thought it was hilarious when she realized that Saturday was Sam's Tag. (Samstag) until she saw my eyes light up. Always trying to harsh my buzz. But then again, she sends me all the "Keep Calm and Winchester stuff" art that she can find. So I guess she does love me. :D

Now I have to go make popcorn for Show.

Dear my friends,

You know I love Sam, I love him almost as much as Dean loves him, except of course given a chance, I'd jump that, but tonight? I just wanted to slap that boy silly. Both of them!! I'll say no more. *glares at TV, snivels silently*