February 15th, 2014


Happy Birthday, Red!

You're my girl, Red!! And if we lived within cake-carrying distance of each other, this is what I'd bring:

cap cake

And then you'd call me a cheese-ball and then I'd express outrage, and then we'd cut a piece of cake and have some coffee and talk about how you broke my heart with Jack and you could try and convince me that this Bucky guy is cool.

Love you. ♥

This is me all over

I started writing a werewolf J2 because on the whole, I like them. So, I'm noodling around with backstory and pack stuff and skimming a bit of stuff on wolf behavior, as one does. Ask me how this turned into a big, old cracky thing with very little wolf stuff in it? Except for Jared stealing Jensen's mail which is all because of the wolf stuff?

I swear, I wonder about myself. :D