February 21st, 2014


Thanks TNT

Watching Caged Heat--my stars, I totally adored Soulless Sam. They both did such a good job that season. I also like Crowley much better when he's just evil and not pretending to be on their side even a little bit. No matter what he's playing at, any time, any way, he gets all the *very* best lines! Mark Sheppard, no wonder everyone loves him. :)

SpnJ2BB 2014

I've narrowed down my BB to 2 efforts--a domestic Sam/Dean fic, and a J2 sort of kind of werewolf story. Ya'll know me, I can take any trope and suck the juices right out of it. I'm keeping the J2 post apoc thingy on the backburner. I have plans for it but I don't think it's going to work for a BB. I'm off for the next few days, so I can work on a couple of things. I've got another ficlet in the MOL story, sort of a bridgey thing. I just need to work up the nerve to post.

What do you guys think? The werewolf story doesn't have any porn in it and the domestic story has just a wee bit. I don't porn like I used to. *siiiiiiigh* Sometimes...I'll read a whole story before I realize that there's no porn in it!

HAH! I'm lying.

Love me some porn.