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It's been a busy couple of days. BG moved again, lord help me, and we had stuff to do. I love that she thought we shouldn't worry about helping out but when you have a dad like Mr. R, that's not an option. I was *more* than willing to sit this one out--just send encouraging texts, kind of thing--but no. Mr. R had to leap to assist. Which meant I had to go, of course.

My friends, when you are a sedentary person, climbing three flights of stairs several times is painful and crippling. If I was a horse, they'da shot me. Should have shot me. I was one raging cramp, from ass to toes and today, I feel like I spent all night getting my ass kicked. SO SORE.

I wasn't even all that helpful. *pout*

The new apartment is lovely but the neighborhood is scary as hell--there's an empty lot full of garbage *right* across from their front door! *WAILS!!!!!!* Oh lord, when will this child give up this wild idea of independence and move back home where she belongs?

What? You're giving me that look.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, beeej! Show them how it's done! :D

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