March 10th, 2014


did you say panties?

So, thanks to big_heart_june, I've discovered a kink I had *NO* idea I had. I mean—men in lingerie. If I say it, it sounds silly and kind of boring. Reading about it was mildly interesting and occasionally, depending on who wrote it, pretty darn warming.

Okay, I might have a small thing for Sam in lace panties.

Anyhoo, me and the little man were heading out to Lowe's and I happened to mention that I'd been looking at pictures of men in lingerie. He kind of side-eyed me—since he was driving and all. "What?"

"Lacy undies. And you know what, it was kind of sexy."


"Actually, it was pretty fucking sexy."

Now, he turned to look at me. "Really? Girl's underwear? I—why?"

"Why hot? I don’t know…it just is."

"Hunh." Some more driving in silence, me smiling out the window, all in la-de-dah land, him looking over every once in a while with this weird look on his face, not like "EW!" more like, "Lord, this woman." He's pretty patient about stuff like that.

"So," I say, "What if I ordered a pair for you?"

Just looks, doesn't say anything, there's just this expression on his face that says 'I don’t know whether to laugh or be afraid.'

"Would you wear them?"

He says, "I—" and then nothing. So, he didn't say yes…buuuut he didn't say no, hell no, are you nuts.

Maybe for his birthday… :D