March 26th, 2014


TRecs! Three Kings 'Verse, new story: Raggedy Andy and the Slippery Slide

If you follow cosmic_medusa's Three Kings 'Verse, then be happy--she just posted a wonderful new part! If you're an Andy and Jack fan like me, be doubly happy!

Three Kings features Cas/Dean, (and that lets you know how great it is because I read Cas/Dean so rarely that it's almost never) and they help take care of Sam, who has been dealt as shitty a hand as in Show 'verse. It leads him to addiction and struggling terribly with that. Dean and Cas each have their own problems but the way they all deal with it, and how they're family, will make you melt. Read this: Raggedy Andy and the Slippery Slide

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Okay. Today, I am seriously, SERIOUSLY going to write. And not just noodle around. I'm gonna write!!!

Expect WIP soon. 99% sure that's going to happen like, really soonish. Yes! I mean it!

blah, blah, bitch, bitch

You know how you come across a recipe for something you've eaten ever since you were a wee thing? Some dish that when you eat it nowadays, you're suddenly thrown way back when? So you're reading this--this *recipe* and you're all "WHA? THE ACTUAL HELL? What the *hell* is that a recipe for because it sure is not the dish we ate!" You know what I really hate? When folks do stuff like, I don't know--throw black-eye peas in a silver dish. Or healthy up those old time recipes and swear up and down it will taste just as good--even better. No hell no. Where's the fat? Where's the damn salt? Where's the damn TASTE????

I need to keep away from that damn Pinterst. But the SpN pins call me like sirens.

I'm really crabby right now because all we have is granola bars in the house. Some of us seem to think that's an actual exchange for cookies. But some of us are cute but insane. I really want a red velvet muffin right now.

See? This is me kind of writing.

one more thing

before I seriously start working.

I loved this week's ep, and I'm not getting into details because it's still in SpoilerVille, but it made me think of this story from way back in the day. It's nothing really like what happened in the show, and is about a bazillion times more beautiful than Show, but...*G*

The Firefly That Loved Metallica. Thank you fleshflutter, for writing it. :)

Tell me that you didn't think of it too!