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how fandom makes my world weird. weirder.
dean wave
At the end of our street, near what's left of a stream, Canada geese hang out. They walk all over the roads and poop all over the lawn and sidewalks down there, but they're less aggressive than the turkeys, thanks god.

Today, on my way to the doctor's, I glanced over at the gang of geese and there was one goose that stood out like a sore thumb. A beige, thickset goose way bigger than the Canadian geese. Turns out it's a domestic breed, a Buff goose. At the time, I was startled that this goose was hanging out on the edge of the gaggle, sort of staring off into the distance and looking as soulful as a goose could. I worried about that goose. Why was it there? And why was it hanging out with the wild geese? And most importantly, would anyone else immediately start writing J2 as geese in their minds, like I did?