April 10th, 2014


Things to do--

1)Post fic

2)work on weirdo BB that is giving me fits

3) do the voice meme thing but I'm shy about exposing my nasaly, foul-mouthed, South Jersey-accent self. All, "Yo, z'up, izme, Raxy."

4) ponder why my job is trying to kill me

5) whine because my doc says it's time for a colonoscopy. And tiny possibility I have a stomach ulcer, maybe acid reflux. Whaaaa? I have no ulcer! I have no reflux! My doctor's lunchin', tchah!

6) have a muffin with my coffee. I wonder if I can use the power of my mind to make Mr. R bring me a muffin home. I can't find my phone. I should get up and make coffee anyway. I should get my ass in gear and write. I will...in a minute.

I have whole days like this. Weeks

I had a great bath though, with bubbles and plastic wrapped kindle. And I washed up with this amazing Bath & Body Works bodywash called Sensual Amber. I love it--it smells like Dean. No, really, it does!

7) procrastinate the hell out of this thing