May 8th, 2014


Bloodlines. Tsk.

I see that they did not pick up Bloodlines. This doesn't make me happy because I feel like the chance we had to have a spin-off got tanked forever. I guess I was hoping that they'd pick it up and then fix it with time. Now TPTB are going to think it was the fans who sucked, instead of the writing on that ill-conceived episode. They introduced it the wrong way, they went in the wrong direction, they definitely pitched that thing to the wrong audience. Don't they get that we're *not* sitting at home watching our Show and dreaming about riding shotgun in the Impala with Sam/Dean? Don't they understand that probably most of us want to *be* Sam or Dean? We want to be that cool, that tough, that bad-ass. We're not dreaming of wearing designer gowns and dancing/screwing some mook in a tux. (well, sometimes we are but not on SpN night.)

Seasons prior, nearly every category of monster was shown to have an Alpha--it would have been so interesting to go with that idea--they could have shoehorned the Alphas into the lame kind of overused mobster family plot and made it hot. *I* would tune in to see the Alphas and their minions duking it out, as long as the writing was good and the actors were decent. I was truly surprised at how awful most of the Bloodlines cast was. I'm old, children. I'm going to need more than a hot ass to keep me invested.

It hurts to think of the possibilities we've lost--if only they'd gone that way! It would have left us some leeway to really cross over with SpN. Not necessarily the boys, maybe some minor characters we've met during the years. They wasted an opportunity to expand on the Hunter's world that we've only seen little glimpses of...*sigh*

I just can't believe by how *much* they missed that shot.