May 31st, 2014


strange and random thoughts

Looking at Liane Balaban's pic at all_spn and you know, I really hate how SpN made most of us hate her. I don't think I can recall any other show that went out of their way to make what should have been a sympathetic character so obnoxious and unlikable. I guess she was supposed to have come off as spunky and quirky. The kind of girl that would have captured Sam's attention, with just enough damage to make Sam's caretaker self want to help take care of her, but with just enough toughness to show us that she wasn't a wimp. She did not come off that way.

First, she tried to blackmail Sam into taking a dog, this without the slightest idea as to whether he was an asshole or not. Second, she treated a person who was obviously distraught with an astonishing lack of kindness--kept it up until I wondered what masochistic impulse made Sam go after her. They made her look, I don't know...not attractive, not appealing, when in fact she's a *very* attractive woman. (That's Show's SOP, really. I'm always astonished at how gorgeous women are when they're not on SpN. Why is that???)

Mind you, I really liked the idea at first. Granted, I was hoping it was all in Sam's mind--yes, yes, happiest when they're not with women, I know. Still, how cool would that have been? Sam really believing there was a girl, Dean and us viewers slowly finding out no, there wasn't...*sadsigh for lost dreams*. Failing that, if she'd been a more attractive personality, I would have been so moved when Sam chose his brother over her. I would have believed that he did it for Amelia as well as for Dean. But it came off, to *me*, as an unspoken bribe to keep Dean away from Benny.

Of course, that was the kind of thinking that got us Bloodlines. They just don't know who we are, do they? And poor Liane got crapped on by a crummy, pointless storyline, poor us got our reunion diluted, poor Jared tried to pull that equine carcass along with all his might. He acted the hell out of that, I must say, and it was the only bright spot in that whole less than fabulous arc.