June 26th, 2014



I'm finished, finished, finished! I'm not looking at this thing again until I post it, because I'll be tempted to screw with it and I"M DONE.

Omg, it's just a big pile of fluff. With a little torture thrown in but you wouldn't know it was me if someone wasn't getting hurt somehow. I swear, it's very discreet torture...if such thing is possible. You can hardly tell it's happening. Shhh, don't think about it too hard.

Now, I can go back to my ficbaby. I missed it so much!!

Many thanks, firesign10 and gingersnap1224 for advice and handholding and making me feel better when I was down!! ♥ X a million!

SpNBB2014: (You) Under My Skin

Title: (You) Under My Skin
Author: roxy
Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word Count: 38773

Link to art:click for the wonderful art by yanyan!

Summary: By the twenty-first century, Wilkkind (or wilks, or wolves) had, on the whole, fully integrated with human society: lived in their cities, went to their schools, worked alongside them at their jobs, while still maintaining most of their own moral and legal codes. The integration was seamless, successful, and unknown to humankind. For most of Wilkkind, it worked just fine. Wilk Jared PadAlecki, on the other hand, was having just a bit of trouble. Spelled "Jensen."

Notes/Warnings: not very graphic reference to rape, non-consensual sex.

Thank you, firesign10, for your heroic beta work, pushing it right to the wire for me! Thanks for helping to make this readable—folks, any mistakes to be found are because I couldn't stop messing with it. Thank you alsogingersnap1224, for giving it an eye and holding my hand. :)
Thank you also to my artist, yanyann for your totally adorable artwork! Thanks for being so positive about this story! ♥
And finally, thanks to wendy, who's a great cheerleader and a calming influence. Each year, you made me feel that taking the leap was the smart thing to do! ♥
Shout out to Warren Zevon, RIP, man--without you, I'd be lost for chapter headers. I've come back to Werewolves of London over and over because it's *perfect*. :)

And of course, toldthestars, always and forever.

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