July 2nd, 2014



I posted another bit of Over the Hills late last night, patted myself on the back, and went to bed. This morning, I woke up with this horrible thought--You idiot! No one knows they're brothers! DUH.

Talk about story fail. I was so upset, I leaped out of bed and ran to the Oversize Laptop. Thank goodness no one read it--I would have been too embarrassed, ha! I did change the bit that failed at AO3, but locked it here while I think about just how I want to handle it. The moral of this story? If it's been a while since you worked on a fic, do yourself a favor and read the posted bits first, oy. I think the reason I'm screwing up with that brother/roommate thing is that I wasn't 100% about it when I went in, so....

Anyhoo, that was that.This weekend, I'm going to rec stories what I have read. Seriously. And write some more and fix my booboo. :(