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Roxy's pinterest adventures
Pinterest is like a 13 year old thrilled with how naughty they are not being.

I think they have no concept of "manip", like, they don't get it. If you pin one, someone is sure to come flying out of the woodwork to tell you, no, that is NOT Jensen, Jared, whoever...yeah. Good for you. And shut the fuck up. Anyone with eyeballs can tell, thank you.

Also, the place is a fucking hotbed of Destial. Like, rabidly so. I don't have anything major against it, it's just not my OTP. But that's all this place is! Shipping Collins and Ackles, Cas and Dean...annoying. I started slipping some wincest in there. Just for a break. ('sides, we all know that Jared and Jensen are the OTP, TruLove, rainbows and kitties forever love, forever, ever. Yas.)

It's a fun joint, though. So many pretty pictures! So many!

well, well, well....
I started working on my Sam/Dean OTP minibang, which was supposed to be about driving in cars, but is turning into non-stop porn. Hunh. My stars.