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You guys....
dean wave
There's this story I wrote that I really like, and I had planned to illustrate it. I was nervous before but quickreaver told me to get over my doubts about my stuff, and honey, I'm listening to you. And everyone else who told me to get over myself. So--I'm giving myself a deadline of two weeks. I plan to do three, maybe four drawings, of an older non-related (sort-of) western-flavored Sam/Dean story.

So, Mizzrose, you're probably saying, what are we supposed to do?
Well, I'll tell you. If you could check in on me from time to time and demand progress reports, that'd be great. :)

Yer Mother always leaps out into the world with great ideas, children , she just gets wandery and procrastinatey.

ETA: and for those who are staying tuned for the SVBB, have got an outline and ideas and background and everything!! Wooo-hoo!!

*cries quietly*
sam pensive
Or not so quietly, I'm one of those loud, snotty, ugly criers. Almost all the BBs I've decided to read so far have made me cry. It's alarming and possibly dangerous for the laptop. When I've cleared my head, I'll rec a few. Or ya'll just take a look at the occasional crazy long comments on a few of these stories--that would be me. :D