July 15th, 2014


A question!

For the J2 writers--or RPF writers in general! Mostly for those of you who have written the characters more than once.

Do you see them as the very same people each time out, or are they different folks each time? Do you see them as the actors playing the role of whatever in your fic?

I view them differently reading them than I do writing them. I generally tend to see them as actors playing the role of whatever I'm reading at the time, unless the story is incredibly AU. Also, the better written they are, the more I see them as the RL actors playing the part of whatever--love-crossed artists/baseballs players or thing.

No real reason for asking except for being my nosyparker self. I've only written them a few times and lawks, it's much easier writing J2 or Sam/Dean than Clex. Writing a SV AU required a *lot* of work, like, why was this boy super powered or why was he not super powered. We had to be inventive as hell to get around that if he wasn't. Sam/Dean was like a walk in the park compared to that, incest and stuff aside. *koff* Plus, if you wanted a super powered Sam, that was kind of canon-compliant. *G* We'll always love good old Powers!Sam. I'm forever tucking him into a fic, hah!

I think we know by this post who's putting off writing the next chapter of OTH, ah?