August 12th, 2014


me and 5 things, tagged by firesign10

Trying to do that five things I like about me is giving me writer's block, damn it.

eta: got it! five things where I'm good and stuff

1. I love to laugh and I love making other people laugh.

2.I can be a nice person--really nice when the spirit moves me.

3. I'm a good mom--that was surprising to me, since I never liked kids but it is true, thank god, it's different when it's your own. She was a fascinating little person from day one, so she made it kind of easy to be a good mom.

4. I love creativity, in other people and in me. :D It's a wonderful thing, this ability to make people feel something, whether it's by drawing or writing or sewing or singing or gardening or any number of wonderful ways.

5. I'm a strong person--and I can fake it when I need to. ;D

I'm not tagging anyone, feel free to do it. But make sure to let me know if you have any naughty things you like about you.