August 21st, 2014



I mentioned pishtacos in a story I wrote in 2010 and didn't even remember that, lol! Finding it in the story was a bit startling!

Rereading NTM to get a better feel for the drawings I'm screwing up miserably working hard on. Damn that thing is LONG--I've been slogging through it for three days now. Oy! I'm having some trouble finding the right way to go with the illustrations. I've finally decided I needed a lighter touch with them but man, this is really hard work! I'm deeply impressed all over again with the artists on my flist. They make it look so effortless and beautiful. I refuse to give up on this project, though--there will be an illustrated NTM come hell or high water!! Might take me the rest of the year but it will be done!

Also, working hard on the last chapter of Over The Hills, just filling out the bones now. It was a good story to write. I'm having my usual ending a story problems--always a problem of mine--but all in all, I was pleased with it. I'm thinking of dropping out of the Sam/Dean minibang, only because I've got this other thing in mind. Still thinking on that.

Day 21 of Birthday month...Cardboard!Dean is looking nervous....