September 4th, 2014



I will absolutely have a rough draft by the due date for the SDOTP minibang! I'm glad, I really didn't want to drop out--it's my very favorite challenge. There's a huge rush doing the SpnJ2_BB, sure, but the minibang is my happy place. I kind of feel like folks do it strictly because they love the boys. And I LOVE the boys! I miss the boys! *sigh*

In related news, I have *still* not finished reading all the stories from this years BB! I have no excuse besides work and menopause. ;D

It's a lot of work, this being a fitting room attendant.
dita11 by fangirl1981

Well, look at you. You've been a bad customer and left clothes on the floor. I think we need to have a discussion. Here, bite down on this number chip and bend over the little red stool.