September 30th, 2014

sammy fireworks

I share my joy!

Look at these happy feet! Not too long ago, tifaching offered a wonderful, wonderful gift, so I jumped in it! Behold, the socks of amaze! They are warm and snuggly and make my feet feel like queens of the world!


we have SpN feelings


That's right, me and Cardboard!Dean have feelings...whoa whoa...feelings. I'll share them but not in the organized, day by day, season by season way ya'll have been doing because I'm lazy. Checking out my LJ, though, I'm really surprised how long it took me to jump on the bandwagon. (*snicker* i typed 'hump on the bandwagon') I was reading it in bits and pieces and reccing mostly x-overs early on. I was trying to resist it because I knew it would suck me in if I let my guard down. I was right.

By the way, that black box there in the center of the pic? That's a TV for those who wondered.