October 19th, 2014



I've been sort of accused of plagiarism in a very gentle, polite, and low-key way. It was in reference to a Clex story called Midnight Sun, based on the Twilight Zone ep of the same name. It was an answer to the Twisting the Twilight Zone challenge that our dear danceswithgary hosted several years ago. I thought it was odd to get a comment like that, because surely they read that it was supposed to be based on a TZ ep...but nope. Nowhere in that post did I state that I was not ripping off Rod Serling, and that this story was *supposed* to be close to the ep. Oy! *4headslap*

Anyhoo, I fixed that and hopefully won't confuse or make any more folks feel uncomfortable. It is a bad feeling to be tootling along, reading a story, and suddenly realize that you've read it before by another writer. Such a disrespectful thing to do!

remember when I said I was bored?

Or boring, I forget.

I was over at AO3, you know, that place down the corner? And I'm reading all these tags, alllllllll these tags for a rather short little story--a PWP--and in the middle of all these tags there's one that reads,"eating out", and I'm all wondering why in the world would a person warn for restaurants. Seriously, I stared at it with the behn-hunh? face for longer than I should have before it clicked....