November 7th, 2014



Hey there! Long time no see! I wandered off into the woods to be an incredible asshole bitch/chew my leg off/crawl under a bush and hack up a hairball kind of thing, but I'm feeling a little better now. Slightly nicer, anyway.

I have lovely, lovely comments to respond to--thank you, guys, for the nice words about the artwork! tabaqui, sending you the drawing soon and also, working on a few more! I *LOVED* working on that drawing, and I'm so so glad you like it! :D

Man, guys, ya'll know how much it sucks when you're not feeling hundred per cent. Plus, tiny health issues that instead of being worrying are pissing me the fuck off and making me crabby. I don't know--weird.

I've been reading tons but not saying much, pretty much par for the course, but you guys, I'm thinking of you, and hoping the best for you, hoping that you weather life changes and the bumps and upheavals that life tends to be. I don't say much but I care. ♥

And speaking of caring, you all make me cry, but this time tears of happy. I've gotten so much wonderful stuff--the World's Most Perfect Socks, and the most beautiful blouses in the world--they make me look like a lady instead of the grumpy, squinty-eyed lumberjack I usually look like, and the Cup of All Good Things. I'll be posting pics of these things (even though you've seen the socks, they're worth looking at again) *PLUS* pictures of my pet tree. I love my tree. SO MUCH.

Okay, this post is done. Everyone gather in for the big group hug. I'll be licking some of you, but that's the price you have to pay, being my friend and all. It's okay, I have wipes....


spn surv

1. Both. Forever and ever, amen.
2. Cas. (not a big angel fan at all)
3. 6x10, Unnamed damn good looking demon(Conrad Coates) who didn't speak "Little bitch.".
4. Dick Roman
5. Season 7
6. What Is and What Should Never Be
7. Wincest
8. Lucifer
9. Ruby.2
10. Bobby
11. "love me some pie…"

All of these were so hard! I mostly stuck with what popped into my head first. I could go on and on as to why, and who else would have fit the bill, but naaaaaah.