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Today I called out of work because for the last few days, all I've done is go to work, come home and go straight to bed. Now, I'm not a rocket surgeon, but I'm figuring, that's not good. I have been feeling a little down, kind of stuck in place, but I woke up today and just couldn't face one more day like the ones I've been having. So, here I am, puttering around the house and working on my next Treadmill drawing--one micro pencil-push at a time.

I'm trying to pull myself out of this morass of self-pity. Rec me something good! I read firesign10's latest. There was a part that made me gasp, "Oh no, don't do that!" right out loud. Hah! That always slightly embarrasses me, that yawping out loud when I'm reading a story. Kudos to the writer though, right?


eta: *a-hem....story link would have been nice, eh? :D Fool Me Once

forcing myself to stay up. :)
So, are we doing Xmas cards this yearCollapse )