November 30th, 2014



pronounced me- me. 'Cause this is all about me. Everyone's doing that December meme. I failed hugely at that last year, so this year if you want to ask me something, go ahead and I will overshare be happy to answer you. No limit because I find everything about me fascinating. Wait, are we still not saying stuff like that in public? Are we all still faking modesty? Whatevs.

Halfway through Retail Hell, now. countdown to Christmas, and I feel like I've been kicked in the non-existant nads. Fucking hate this time of year. Everyone is looking for that one, special, magic gift that will finally make everyone love them, and they're willing to gut any retail worker who stands in the way of that. God knows I want to help you find the thing that will finally make your folks value you, but if we ain't got it, disparaging my legitimacy is not going to make it suddenly appear.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change ('cause this is my paycheck)
The patience to put up with folks who swear I'm an obstructive bitch
And the wisdom to know they will jail my ass if I leap over the counter with my stapler in hand....
Always remember, Spring will return, and no one will want to kill you for the last Easter egg.