December 14th, 2014



Because I haven't posted anything of substance yet--I'm trying, I really am!--I decided to post this which was from last year's December meme! I never got around to dropping it here, because I'm a procrastinator like that. ;D

so, this was in answer to a question tabaqui asked: Wax poetic about the many, many ways that fandom has stretched our kink vocabulary. And tastes.

my answer: Ah, fanfic! Ah, kink memes! You've opened my eyes in a frightening way! Back in the day, I drew the line at RPF, at underage, at watersports, rimming was scary—there were so many, many things I swore I'd avoid at all cost, speaks the person who has written a ton of underage S/D. I haunt AO3 for new J2, I giggle at watersports fic. Rimming? Old hat, my dear, old hat! (though for gods sake, there needs to be more showers involved in rimming fic. also, no m/m fucking and finishing things off with a blowjob. that kind of breaks the willing suspension of disbelief thing i have going on).

Poetic you want? Oh Ponyboy, how you stole my wizened little heart! How you turned my disgust into intrigue, my sharp, startled inhale of repulsed fascination into short, thin breaths of exhilaration…ya'll know I have a thing for this particular fetish. It confuses and entertains me, fascinates and horrifies me at once.

Fanfic has ruined me. I find I have to often take a moment and weigh the situation…Reality, porn…reality…porn….

So there you have it, last year's answer to that question. Nothing has changed overmuch. I've read a few bestiality fics because I have clickitis ("shooo, cain't nothin' freak me ou--YIKES!!") and I have this thing about somehow never reading all the tags. This happened recently, started a story and boy, was I ever confused. I just didn't get what the fic was about. I was reading and thinking, "Well, if he keeps doing that, seems to me he's in danger of OH MY GOD. Well...I...well...hunh. How did I really not get that this story was headed there?"

I wish like crazy I could remember the story or the writer or anything about it so I could share with you but there's just a slightly traumatized blank space in my head. I have the feeling none of ya'll would have been quite as clueless as me going in. How in the hell can you miss bestiality, for god's sake? It wasn't even the first one I've ever read, for cryin'outloud--there was a very sympathetic wolf/Jensen story at the kink meme a few years ago that I liked very much, so it's not like I have no experience...just. tsk.

Still, it was entertaining--I mean, I cracked myself up. I had to laugh at my own horror, it was just so...kinda roxy, I guess. :D :D :D

and that's my over-share for this week. ♥