December 21st, 2014


I wonder

What happens when you're in a BDSM lifestyle and you're entering old age? I have no idea how to search for that. Geriatric BDSM didn't help. I know squat about the life, just what I read in stories. It was just a little idea that came of thinking about sex after fifty, and how everyone seems to think it doesn't exist, and then thinking about these tons of stories featuring young, healthy, gorgeous people. I think it'd be interesting to see how things change when knees and spines and hips and stuff won't let you do the things you did in your youth so easily. How would that make the sub feel, or the dom? Maybe it would be an easy and on-going progression of change, or would it be frightening, or disappointing?

Anyhoo, this is what I think about when I'm folding t-shirts and watching folks rip open sealed packs of undies. :)