December 26th, 2014


what a day!

I hope you all had amazing days! I don't think I really expected it to be, considering what went on these last few days, but it was really pretty damn good. There was a lot I wanted to do but didn't get done, I just took a deep breath and let it go! I also told myself that folks would be just as interested in Xmas stories after Christmas so I'm going to give that a shot. Hours get cut after the holidays and I'm going to need to do something with my time. Though I might end up spending time selling non-essential body part to pay my xmas bills....

I feel good--content, loved, full of paella and crab-legs and cookies and pie. I miss you guys! ♥ ♥

Thank you so much fir the V-gift, firesign10!! HUUUUUGS and Merry Christmas to you! :)