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I had a weird thing happen to me recently. When I got the results of my recent colonoscopy, I read all the pertinent bits first and put it aside. When I picked it up again to tell BG what the results for, I looked at the top of the page, where they have info on you as a patient. Well, imagine my surprise when I looked at the line where they asked about your ethnicity and saw 'white, non-Hispanic.'

What the mother-fucking fuck?

I called the office and told them they'd made a mistake, and it needed to be fixed. You know, for a long couple of seconds, there was dead silence on the line. Why, chum? Was it because I sounded really huffy about that mistake? They checked and she assured me in their records I was listed as African-American (which I personally hate, but it'll take time to train folks out of that and back into using Black, thank you). *smh*