February 5th, 2019

heart tree

*rolls up sleeves*

Okay, so here we go--first bit of BB whining.

I have an idea I'm good with, but I'm bouncing around with how I want to execute this idea. As time goes by and the more I think on this thing, the more it edges towards hurt/comfort, like...sickness and comfort. The season I want to work with would be perfect for it, but I have to make things *wildly* AU for it to work. Do you think folks are still on board for crazy-ass AUs? It almost seems as though there's a shift away from that. I have to admit, I enjoyed making Dean a helpless little woobie in In The Garden (of memory). It was fun, in an evil sort of way. :D

If anyone wants to help me out, let me know--I have a super-sekrit special filter we should pretend I wasn't talking about...*shifty-eyes*