March 8th, 2019

sam giggle

Hello, my friends!

I was just going through a huge pile of notebooks and slips of paper, looking for all my Public Enemy notes. What a fascinating trip through fandom! I found a notebook that I kept for Come The Night, my BoyKingSam story, and it was *fascinating!*

I had all these extensive notes and doodas, about characters and place and timelines, and the most fascinating thing about it was, despite notes and timelines and outlines, it ended up being an incredibly different story than what I had planned. I mean, I could write a story using all the info I used on Night, and have a story that had no relation to what I ended up posting. How does that happen? Actually, that kind of shit happened to me all the time, lol! I'd misplace a section of notes, or write the section, then toss the notes, and then, somehow lose the section I wrote and have to rewrite it from memory!

Oy, the wild and woolly days of writing, back then. Every day was desperate, screaming excitement! I kind of miss those days. But not really. :D