April 9th, 2019


It's me!

Remember me?

And totally off topic, but my keys are crunchy. Ewwww! It's time to clean the toast out of my keypad. *blerg*

Well, not so much off topic because there was no topic. Now there is - here it is. Dear my friends, I have never had a story fight me tooth and nail like this, my bang. God lord have mercy, I want to turn it into a human being so I can kick its ass. Finally, finally after advice from firesign10 (i'm so excite!! And scared. And sweaty) I took a hard look at it, and thank god decided I could salvage the mess I'd made of it. Now, I have to continue, but I feel like I'm in a place now where I *can* continue. Beginnings are hard, friends.

I realized that I had seriously compressed two seasons of Show, so instead of unraveling everything, I'm going to hand wave up a storm, like Trump's cancer-causing wind turbines By the time people finish my story, their hair will be listing seriously to one side. I did go back and try to fix the hash I'd made of the bunker's layout. Mind you, stressing over it for hours, when the bunker features all of about five minutes in the fic, lol! Still, it was fun. That set is so freakin' cool. I didn't really get where I was inside of the place, though, until I peeped hells_half_acre's blueprints, and then it was like a light bulb went off in my head. Many thanks to her, it's a thing of beauty.

So, I'm feeling better about the fic, weird personal things are happening to me that, yes, of course I'm going to share, y'all don't get off that easy! :D

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