May 7th, 2019


How We Do

"For fuck's sake, why can't I get rid of this comma?" Peers at screen..closer, closer...squints. "Oh. That's food."

"Jesus--why isn't the A working, damn it--oh." Knocks keyboard, ejects popcorn chip.

Spends an hour trying to figure out if it's "Dean and he" or "he and Dean." Stares at grammar sites. "Fuck it." Wings it.

"This coffee is giving me heartburn" Makes another pot.

"Maybe I need to see that scene again. I'll just look it up on The Youtube..." Two hours of baby elephant vids and old-school rap later....

Plots out another story entirely while looking for bunker plans. Again.

"I should get some more popcorn chips."

"I should get some more coffee."

"I should check The Facebook."

"I should check The Twitter."

"I hope someday I understand The Twitter."

Wonders if anyone will notice if she describes Sam jerking off as "he caressed his turgid staff of love." Giggles to self.

Checks word-count. Type a word. Checks word-count again. Delete word.

"Bed-time! Omg, I'm beat! Can't wait to snuggle into sleep. Let me read a bit before sleepy-times..." *picks 103,000 word story....*