May 15th, 2019

heart on fire

Dear My Friends,

Who wants to come to my house and make me write?? :D
I'll provide snacks and a place to sleep. Especially now that the house is pretty clean--I've been stress cleaning. Stress organizing, stress eating, stress OCDing in general. My kindle is now stuffed with BBs from years ago, I've forced myself several times NOT to file my downloaded fic into separate folders. You know: married boys, werewolf boys, amnesia is not the time. But someday, my friends, doubt when fandom has fizzled like a glass of coke in the sun.

It wouldn’t be the BB season if I didn’t whine and bitch, right? It’s how we know what time of year it is. I have a little over 24000 words, words that are mocking me, reading snippets of the fic to each other and laughing, drinking Mr R’s beer, and eating all the trail mix and spitting the almonds on the floor. Bastards.

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