May 21st, 2019

coffee and cigs


Me: Okay, I sweartagawd, getting down to brass tacks, really gonna do some serious work on my BB, right the hell now. *grabs notebook, opens doc*

And then me also: a page of notes on an mpreg, wondering if I can set it in another screwy timeline/alternate universe like Small Dark Place minus the slavery...stares into space, wondering how a man can get pregnant. carry a kid. good thing or bad thing? strokes chin pensively.

More coffee!

I was going to do an SpN rewatch along with other folks, but I'm going to do the TNT marathon instead. Have alerted my beloved that I will be in PJs all day, fuck the diet, it will be snack-a-mania! I'm going out to get all the snacks and lots of coffee. Pajama pants and fuzzy socks and blocking all calls. If you want me after 1:00, I'm sorry, I'll be busy watching Infant Boys. :D