May 22nd, 2019


Stop me if you're heard this one already....

So, here I am, struggling with the BB (an uphill fight I tell ya), when suddenly my muse says, "Hey. Why are you fighting denture and nail to make this thing an angst fest? What you need to be doing is filling it with sex."

"But I have a hard time writing sex!" I cry, slamming my little paws down on the keyboard.

"SEX!" the bitch screams. "More sex! And stop worrying about who puts what where! People gonna read or not gonna read. You put that dick where it seems right, and damn the tags!″

"I’ll lose readers,″ I snivel. But I see where she’s coming from. If a writer doesn’t have a preference, it can really create a block—all that worrying about losing folks who really need to have a specific person top. But I have to be true to myself.


Which mostly means mutual handjobs, blowjobs, fingerplay...not a lot of dick-stickage. Life’s not all about the penetrative sex, am I right? Of course I’m right. It’s a big old world out there, and there’s a bunch of different things on the plate. My little vanilla waffles may not be your waffles.

Mmm...I managed to go from sex to breakfast food. Perfect! :D Good night!
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TNT Hellatus marathon

01XS1 Pilot

You know, it's surprising to me how NOT Alec or Jason Teague Jensen is. He's already Dean. I'm not sure about Jared since I've never really seen him in anything else but Supernatural and that really disturbing bit partlet he had in Flight of the Phoenix. *shudders*