June 3rd, 2019


Hi everybuggy!


In case you're wondering why I haven't responded to your great comments on my post all about me, I've been watching the grandspawn while my kid is at a conference--a 4 day conference. If not for my cuz and my beloved, I have no idea where I'd be contacting you from....

Friends, I am old and tired and not cut out for this work.

He's pretty fucking cute, though. I've never seen a baby laugh so much. But then, I never laughed or smiled much as a tot, and neither did BG. It's just weird. How does such a tiny being have such a huge laugh? I've been playing peek-a-boo so hard, I'm about to put myself in the witness protection program just so I can have a hot cup of coffee again. Tell me what it's like, friends...is it as wonderful as I remember?

one last thought before I pass out

Every pic of Jensen is just feakin' mind-boggling. He's insanely, painfully handsome. It's witchcraft, I tell ya!

Also saw a pic of Jared from his Cuba vacation--lucky duck. There's this one particular pic that should be outlawed, though, where he's smoking a cigar? OMG...I did not know that I needed this. Cigars leave me cold, but now...I hope someone writes some really hot J2 in which Jared just happens to smoke a cigar from time to time. Maybe when he's scheming how to lure Jensen into his orbit. Subtly, because Jensen thinks Jared is an asshole. Maybe, maybe not--mistakes were made. Now though, Jared knows a bit more about Jensen and knows the way to his heart is to convince him that they're friends. He's good at putting on different personas, has to be for his job. He thinks making Jensen fall for him will be easy, but there's something about Jensen that brings out the best in people, even people convinced they have no best to give....

Damn. Why didn't we get these pictures earlier in the year? :D