June 5th, 2019

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Thankthalawd, the baby's back home with mom! I'm free, and thrilled that babysitting duty is over! SHUT UP I AM IT'S JUST DUSTY IN HERE.

Now excuse me, I have porn to churn out. Good day to you.
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Happy (Late) Birthday!

I missed some birthdays that I really wanted to note, so here I am, a little late, but heartfelt! All these people do (or have done) so much to make fandom a lovely, exciting, fun place! :) Hope your days were good, ladies!

Many, many hugs and belated birthday wishes to the fabulous julchen11, and the incredibly talented amberdreams!

Happy birthday and I miss your lovely art posts, badbastion

And happy birthday to you ladies, though I know you won't see it! Still miss you after all these years, kaydee23, and herohunter. What with life and all, ya'll have been on my mind a lot lately. You made the early years here wonderful ones. ♥

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Does everyone reading here see the little I-like-this-post heart thing? Excluding bubblesbrnaid who said don't you dare, if I recall correctly? :)

Thanks, my beloveds! I'll be hearting the hell out of those of you who see them...now that I know. *twirls imaginary but luxurious mustache*