June 7th, 2019

heart snoopy


I miss the little one. I miss his little smile, his high-pitched babbling, his belief that all food not only tastes good but doubles as a hair care product...so here, have some pics of him!

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tnt watch

SpN thoughts (little ones. boring ones)

I was all fired up to do this rewatch, all seasons, yee-haw!

My friends, I can't!

I have not watched the whole seasons of 1-5 since they first aired. Just too damn painful. And yes, those early seasons are amazing, and the brotherly conflict really drove the show. Made for some incredible TV. But my heart can't take the pain. It hurts way too much. I am a weeny, as you know, and those shows bring out my anxiety, and make me sad and frustrated. Each time I do manage to watch more than the fluffy eps, I'm all over either Sam or Dean. To explain: one year I'm all Team Sam!! , next year I'm all,'Dean can do no wrong!'. It's like watching completely different shows, y'all! It also keeps me from choosing one over the other. I'm completely in the camp of Both Brothers. All Day. E'r Day. I love my boys.

I am struggling away on my BB, so y'all are going to have to expect TONS of babbly posts about mostly nothing!

Take advantage! What do you want to know? Ask me! I'll tell you what I think about anything, share my deepest, darkest, secrets! (you know, I once shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die. And because he was wearing the same shirt as me. So rude.)

gadreel eyes

I'm kidding!
Say...the pattern on that shirt you're wearing looks disturbingly familiar....