June 11th, 2019

jared speak no evil

Well, all right then....

Y'all know I don't rec kink often; I'm a shrinking violet like that, but I'm gonna rec the hell out of this because my stars! I have no idea what it is about this that hits all my buttons--well, there's pining, and there's unrequited-but-actually-requited love, breathplay, which is okay with me on occasion...but there's CORSETS. I do like corsets in fic. In real life, it'd make me scream and claw at myself like an insane cat, but in fic, a well written description of corsets in play....

Is this TMI? *beams* You know I like sharing with you.

Tight by anonymous
When Jared discovers Jensen’s secret, he’s beyond angry at the stupid risks his friend has been taking.
But he knows Jensen won’t stop, so Jared comes up with the only possible solution.
That turns out differently than he expected.