July 19th, 2019

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Mpreg news!

So, I think I finally know where this is taking place. When. It's taking place in that universe over yonder, the one that's a little bit steampunkish, and a little bit, oh, let's call it heavily influenced by Amish culture. You know how much I love writing the Poor Little Matchperson trope. Iꞌm more excited now that I have a direction. It was one of those shower revelations. It went from, "Why do people think M Night Shyamalan is a hack?″ to "Oh. My. God. Eureka!″

But not out loud, because itꞌs creepy to get really loud when youꞌre talking to yourself.

Oh, who am I tryin' to fool! You know I was loud.

Iꞌm feeling: