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My life at the moment. :D
book and glasses
BG and the grandspawn are on vacation for the next ten days. Ten days to write like the wind! I'm at about 4000 words on the Mpreg, bouncing all over the place in the story and enjoying it! I threw my hands up ans told it to do whatever it wanted and it wants to change tense and write out of sequence. I'm cool with it. Man, I love this stage of the writing process, when I love the story and the story loves me.

I've also got about 3000 words on Thrall!Jensen, and I'd be doing better with it if I didn't have to do so much research in my own fic! Oy! So much rereading that I don't want to do. And poor June...I'm about to dump so much work on her. *bats eyes and grins at her* (I'm not as cute or lovable as Jared but I try.) :D

I'm also very proud, and flattered, to have one of my drawings recced at Darkside. Thanks so much for the kudos, guys! Since I started writing, Art and I have had a strained relationship, but one day, I hope to reconcile. :D

My friends--
dean oh yeah
Why is everyone acting like "omg, Jensen Ackles, how you dress!" like suddenly he's stylish and shit.

My boy can dress--has been doing so for a good long while. He's got excellent taste, so much better than most actors out there. He can pull off a classic look like Cary Grant, and then put a little wild design and make it look like hot sex. He knows what fits him, understands fit, and knows how to wear clothing. Everything he wears looks like it was cut just for him, even that jacket everyone hates but I love, and if I'm correct, was not his? Yet vis how it perfectly fit those wide shoulders, that smooth, long line of back, that perfect, peachy, plush ass, just begging to be framed....

Oh my. Went a little off track there, but y'all know what I mean.

Back to work! ♥