August 28th, 2019

rose )

dear my friends,

I have no idea how the other grandmas do it, bless their hearts, but I'm about to implode. Quietly. So as not to disturb the little prince who has finally, please god let it be for the rest of the night, fallen asleep.

This grandma-ing is not exactly my forte. I freely admit it. I'm kind of shit at this, and the years have not made me any better. I have no idea why this kid likes me, to tell the truth.

The sitch is this: the little guy is still on Hawaii time, which means sleep-sleep comes about midnight. Yeah. Though he's passed out early tonight, I'm just praying his little body doesn't think this is just a nap. Mr. R and I have been watching him for Mama, who is just now barely beginning to recover from a horrendous bout of the stomach flu—she ate today for the first time in four days. We've been to the ER so that she could get fluids via IV because we were that worried. It has not been pretty.

As for me, I'm tired and crabby and not having very much opportunity to write which sucks, because I feel like I'm on FIRE for writing right now.

If only I could type using the power of my mind….

I have managed to do some reading, and even left some comments, which—woo-hoo, go me! I'm not gonna lie, some of those stories were read and commented on in the bath. It's been my only free time lately.

Yes, it's been pretty horrible, and I've been eyeing our beloved princeling, wondering how much truth there is to those feral children stories, and whether there's a chance he might be adopted by a roving tribe of voles. Mind you, the minute--the very second--he's out of my hands, I miss him like he's been gone a million years. Grandma-ing, the hours are crap, but yeah, the benefits outweigh it all.