September 10th, 2019

s-d by merakieros


In case anyone was wondering what I was doing with the Little Preggo Jared story, I'm doing about 20,000 words, hokey smokes! A lot of ugly Frankenstein back-and forthing with it, but I'm happy with what I have and I'm having fun writing it.

I had to stop writing the SDP fic, Footsteps in the Dark. Not give it up, just step back. It was really screwing with me, on top of everything else going on. Words were flowing, but it was just getting too painful. On the advice of a beloved friend, I'm taking a breath from it. But just a short breather, I want to finish this bit up and head towards the end, with a goal of finishing by February. As for Poor Little Match Jared, I have no end date in mind. I'm just writing it as it goes. I probably won't post until I'm pretty much done with it, so, sometime next year. I don't plan to post any WIPs beyond the ones I have going now, and I have every intention of finishing the both of them. *crosses fingers and prays*

One more month to go, guys. How will we deal with this last year? I'm already not happy with spoilers I've seen, but I'm hoping for the best, and hoping like crazy that this last year will at least see some good fic. :)