November 13th, 2019


Before New Year's Resolution

I'm resolved to:

Finish This Small Dark Place—hopefully be January. Xs fingers! I've already got about 3000 words into the next story, but this will be the longest part and the most intense. I might time compress this bitch and spare us all, lol! :D

Start posting my new fic in January as well.

See if I can finally get a decent outline of the end of Public Enemy. I doubt I can finish it in the way it deserves, but I can't just leave it hanging forever.

Write epilogues, timestamps to a few of my stories

Give some serious thought to doing another BB is there is one this year. Maybe write real fast before Show kills any ideas dead.


I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving already! Boy, with BG no longer working in retail, and me being out of retail for the last couple of years as well, my sense of time is really screwed up! It's still weird to me that we can actually sit down to dinner together as a family, and spend the holidays together without having to cut and run off to work, or get up at some obscene time of night to go to work. Retail is the devil, no matter what form it takes.

And now I'm picturing King of Hell!Sam in a Target uniform—sprawled out on the Guest Service counter all bathed in red light. :D :D :D